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As stated in our mission statement, we strive to provide data in a systematic and objective manner. It is therefore important to provide transparency regarding the methods we use for compiling the data provided on our website. We have an extensive list of last names and first names that are very likely to be or Iranian origin.

We use the combination of first and last names to filter publicly available databases to identify the number of Iranian Americans by profession.


Iranian American

is defined as anyone residing in the US (based on the data in the databases we use) who is of Iranian heritage. We identify Iranian heritage based on a combination of the first and last names.

Probability & False Positives

We assign a probability for each name combination being of Iranian heritage. The data on our website is selected in a manner to keep the false positives to a low and acceptable level. The false positives are determined by selecting a random sample of 100 names from each data set that is presented and having a human expert evaluate the rate of false positives for each data set. For example, the data set of attorneys is evaluated separately from the data set for patent holders and so on.

Data sources

The last update for each data source is mentioned in their page.
Data Set Data Source
Attorneys - Ca -----------------------------------
Attorneys - USA -----------------------------------
California State Employees Transparent California
Chiropractors Dr. Database
Dentists Dr. Database
LinkedIn -----------------------------------
Members of Board of Directors InfoUSA
Patents US Patent and Trademark Office
Pharmacists Dr. Database
Physicians Dr. Database
Nurses Dr. Database
Real Estate Professionals InfoUSA
Scholars ------------------------------------
Small Business Owners < 100 Employees InfoUSA
Therapists Dr. Database
IACP Research Ranker


  1. The information presented herein is based on data mined from a variety of public and privately obtained databases. It is as accurate as we have been able to make it, but there can be no guarantee that the summaries and statistics presented are 100 percent accurate, and they should not be relied upon as such. Any comments on the data or its accuracy should be directed to info@ia-cp.org.
  2. Our algorithms for identifying people of Iranian origin will be improved over time. We believe that we are under-counting the number of Iranian American contributors. We will soon implement a feature for people to add their names to our database - such that their statistics are counted, but their names remain anonymous.

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