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About IACP

Our Mission

The Iranian-Americans' Contributions Project (IACP) is a charitable, educational, and tax-exempt organization registered in the State of California and active across the United States. Our mission is to document and highlight the professional achievements and the contributions of Iranian-Americans to the United States and, by extension, to the world.

With a focus on the professions, the arts, and the world of business and entrepreneurship, the IACP maintains an active database and an information clearinghouse of Iranian-Americans active in fields such as engineering, medicine, law, civil service (including military and law enforcement), real estate, as well as high technology and entrepreneurship. IACP has a special interest in highlighting the presence of community members across American universities and their contributions to the advancement of the sciences and humanities.

We wish to complement the work of other Iranian American organizations by providing information that is obtained in a systematic and objective fashion. We are non-political and have no religious affiliations.


Even though we are using publicly available information, we are extremely respectful of the privacy of the members of the Iranian American community. We will maintain the anonymity of the names associated with the data we have mined.

Collaborations and Partnerships

The anonymous data on our website is available to all. We wish to empower all organizations especially research and academic institutions to use this data for their purposes such as:

  • Undertaking academically rigorous and quotable studies on the history and impact of the Iranian-American community, and reflecting this in reports and books
  • Writing white-papers and generating narratives about the Iranian American community.
  • Furthering their studies on the impact of diaspora communities.

We welcome collaboration with other organizations who can provide content or data that is consistent with IACP's mission.

A Community Effort

We would like our community members to participate in adding content to our website:

  • We will enable a feature for Iranian Americans to post written content about their impact on America, and to share their life stories.
  • We will enable a feature for the posting of various forms of multi-media content whose subject is consistent with our mission.

We welcome collaboration with other organizations who can provide content or data that is consistent with IACP's mission.   IACP is open to establishing partnerships with universities, think tanks, and other organizations which are focused on studying and enhancing the contributions of immigrant communities in general, and the Iranian-American community in particular. Of particular interest is making original contributions to the budding field of Diaspora Studies and, more specifically, Iranian-American Studies.

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