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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. IACP was conceptualized in early 2016.
  2. In May 2016, we met with members of the Iranian American community to get their feedback. We fine-tuned the mission and vision based on this feedback.
  3. We received our 501-c-3 status in May of 2016
  1. The contributions of Iranian Americans are not well understood. There are many sites that show anecdotal evidence, but we currently do not have a comprehensive – data driven compilation of information.
  2. It is important for the community and our fellow citizens to see these contributions in one place.
  3. We believe that this type of effort is important for all diaspora communities – especially during times when immigrants might be the subject of fear or anger.
  1. All Iranian Americans – First generation as well as members of the 2nd and 3rd generations.
  2. All fellow citizens who are not of Iranian descent. We would like to better inform our fellow citizens and put a human face to the Iranian American diaspora community. We would like our fellow citizens to see the service and contributions rendered by this immigrant community to the US.
  3. Policy makers. It is important for policy makers to know this constituency and to make decisions in an informed manner.
  1. We are committed to providing data and life stories in an objective and systematic way.
  2. Our reliance on data-mining techniques maximizes this objectivity and allows us to update this site as new information becomes available or better algorithms are developed.
  1. We want this website to be a resource for as broad a population as possible.
  2. Taking political or partisan stances takes away from this mission and reduces the trust in how faithfully we are executing our mission.
  3. The IACP database is available to all organizations who wish to create a narrative out of our data.
  1. We are using publicly available databases. These databases contain names and other identifying information which we intentionally do not display.
  2. We take this stance because we respect the privacy of individuals.
  3. In the future, we will enable an opt-in option where individuals can voluntarily reveal their names and profiles.
  1. No. The names and other sensitive information are kept on a separate server.
  2. The high level abstraction of the data is then moved to the cloud and displayed on our website.
  1. Yes. This would be the natural evolution of this platform.
  2. We believe it is important to focus on the US because this is where the largest Iranian diaspora community exists.
  3. We believe that demonstrating the contributions of Iranian Americans will also be a proxy for other Iranian diaspora communities across the world.
  1. We are open to enabling other immigrant communities as long as we do not dilute our efforts in carrying out the mission of IACP.
  2. We believe that our pioneering effort can be used by other immigrant communities.
  1. We want IACP to be supported by all members of our community. We believe in inclusivity and grass roots involvement.
  2. Having said this, we cannot receive funds from individuals who reside in countries that are on the US sanctions list.
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