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Iranian Americans Contributions in California Government

Note: We have searched the California Government Compensation database. The database covers a number of years (2011-2015). The database does not have consistency from one year to the next with respect to the job positions it covers. The data we are showing is based on the above:

Total Records = total records covering the above years.
Iranina American Records = Iranian Americans found in Total Records.

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  • The information presented herein is based on data mined from a variety of public and privately obtained databases. It is as accurate as we have been able to make it, but there can be no guarantee that the summaries and statistics presented are 100 percent accurate, and they should not be relied upon as such. Any comments on the data or its accuracy should be directed to
  • Our algorithms for identifying people of Iranian origin will be improved over time. We believe that we are under-counting the number of Iranian American contributors. We will soon implement a feature for people to add their names to our database - such that their statistics are counted, but their names remain anonymous.
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